Exploring the
extraordinary art of an
extraordinary man:
Quinton Oliver Jones

Black & white photo of QOJ walking the streets of Salem, MA

All the things in the world that Quinton Oliver Jones (QOJ) needed were available to him, and he left no trace of a yearning for more. He was not a seeker; his art gave his life meaning. We find great value in his work and in his life as a witness to the unfolding of the 20th century.

Though wildly imaginative and sometimes hermetic, his works record his ceaseless fascination (and frequent dismay) with the changing world around him. From his paintings and poems, we see that he was well aware of current events. But he was observing, not engaging; he did not hide from the world, but he did not need to participate. It was enough for him to respond through his art, leaving us the legacy of a scrupulous and studious existence.

Our goal is to share the seldom-seen world of QOJ’s paintings, sculpture, and unique vision. We hope that visitors to this online gallery will appreciate his skill, courage, honesty, and his life “outside the box.”

We dedicate this online exhibition to the memory and lifework of a man who found completion in being himself and who lived each day in a world of his own making.

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