His Story

The kaleidoscopic art forms 
of Quinton Oliver Jones
revealed the 20th Century
through a unique cultural,
historical, and spiritual lens.

A self-portrait oil painting of Quinton Oliver Jones

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Click here to view a timeline of Quinton Oliver Jones’ life.

Click here to take a video tour of Quinton Oliver Jones’ home in Salem, Massachusetts.

Click here for a transcript of a memorable presentation at the Salem Athenaeum in October of 2017. Cornelia Jones Gephart presented an essay about QOJ, the man who, heretofore, was unknown to the community. 

It was accompanied by a gallery show of 32 paintings.

Click here to view the “Salem Depot” poem and illustration by QOJ.

Click here for Cornelia Jones Gephart’s summation of Quinton Oliver Jones’ singular life and career.

The Artist to His Paper

When I to you address my grace

I know not what my madness is;

Yet joined to vision by a trace

I turn your planes into my bliss.

What fortune in your worth to me

I find is secret more than dark;

For knowledge yields to mystery

The moment I make a mark.

In this communion you and I –

As fragile as we are, and lonely –

Become a world too dear to die,

And yet too dear for earth-life only.

— Quinton Oliver Jones
Written for the 25th reunion of his
Harvard graduating class
Photo of a sculpture by QOJ done in an Art Deco style.

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