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Quinton’s family and neighbors honored his privacy. In this spirit we will not share your visit to this website with anyone in any way. What you look at and what you read here is up to you.

We will not place “cookies” on your device. Quinton lived in and enjoyed the 20th century, drove a car, taught Sunday school, paid his taxes, went to the theater and movies and enjoyed conversation – at his own discretion and with his own values. For him, cookies were for baking and giving away.

We do not plan to create a mailing list for this site. Such might imply that we intend to send regular updates. We might do so in the future but at this point we recommend you return to the “News” section of this site when it is convenient to you. That’s what Quinton would say.  

We value your feedback in the various locations on this site. Quinton’s story is not completed. 

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