Cartoon figure with an odd head shape and a pointy nose with stripes. "Cosa Nostra"


As with much of Quinton’s art we are left with many questions.   He left us more than a hundred of these pen and ink cartoons.   Mainly these are organized 4 to a page in spiral bound notebooks.    They were drawn all at once without a preliminary sketch.  They are amusing and filled with word play.  They are pure imagination.  But how did he start them? It seems as if they just grew out of simple forms and then arms, legs, gestures and gizmos were added.

We know this, in the spring, summer and fall he painted in his studio which was located in the unheated side of the house which provided  good light and was separated from the living area.   In the winter he painted in his dining room with watercolors and ink on paper.

Currently we use these drawings as place markers when we have guests for dinner.

Connie and Dale

Group of four cartoons

Cartoon sketch of a robed figure holding a small being
What do we make of Quinton’s pen and ink cartoons?

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