Christ on the cross - full color
Christ Crucified between two theves

Quinton left 92 paintings of Christian art. They range from biblical stories to some of the broadest abstractions he ever painted.   C.S. Lewis was his favorite writer; T.S.Elliot his favorite poet.  Quinton taught Sunday school at Grace Episcopal Church in Salem MA.

Where does Quinton’s “religious art” fit in the twentieth century?   If there is interest in this topic, we can come back to it on future News Blogs.    For starters we include the references to the topic below.

We recently discovered Mark Rothko’s “14 stations of the cross”  which are exhibited in the tower gallery of the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.    Here is an article from 2020 Apollo Magazine…….    George Tooker painted the Stations of the Cross for St Francis Church in Windsor, Vermont:

Many other artists are discussed in the book  “On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art”   James Elkins



Abstract colors in non linear field


Abstract colors in non linear field
One third of Quinton’s paintings are of Christian or biblical themes.

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