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Quinton’s paintings offer the wide range of styles and subjects that he explored throughout his prolific artistic career. His medium was primarily oil however his techniques were ever-changing.

This Gallery presents a number of our favorite works from among the hundreds he produced.

Quinton was a master of many media, including simple pen and ink or pencil drawings.

This Gallery reveals his use of cartoon-like figures to convey humor, absurdity, and imaginative social commentary.

When Quinton was at Harvard, he set out to study sculpture as his primary interest. He explored different styles and worked in a variety of materials from stone, to wood, to plaster and clay.

Early on, he changed direction chose and focused on oil painting for the rest of his life. Even so, he left behind a number of intriguing pieces which revealed his wide range of techniques and subject matter.

A self-portrait oil painting of Quinton Oliver Jones

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